Getting around Beijng

( Updated: 2013-01-04

3. By bike

China used to be called "the sea of bicycles" and in Beijing today the bicycle is still a convenient vehicle for many people. Renting a bike may be a good way for you to see the city at your own pace. You can rent a good bike from a hotel, paying 20-30 yuan for the day (deposit required). You can also rent from bigger booths (for repairing bikes and pumping tires) where the charge is lower but the bikes are not as new. When you need to, put your bike in a bike park. They are easily identified by the large amounts of bikes on the roadside and cost a very affordable 1 yuan.

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Pedicabs are three-wheeled, partly covered, tricycles that are a good choice for sightseeing, especially inhutongs(traditional alleyways), on your own. They are available everywhere and are a good value. Be warned: you should bargain with the driver first, asking how much it will cost and giving clear directions to avoid disputes. A legally registered pedicab has a certificate, and the driver should have a card hanging around his neck.

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