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4. Car rental

If you don't want to drive in Beijing, you can rent a car and driver for a very reasonable fee. On the other hand, if you possess the necessary documents, you can rent and drive yourself. The flexible business environment of Beijing offers affordable and convenient car rentals complete with skilled and bilingual drivers. What better way to attend a punishing string of meetings around town, or to show a visiting colleague the wonders of the Great Wall?

Most reputable car rental companies offer a range of vehicles with drivers, from budget autos to luxury limousines. Be aware that not all speak English. Business Beijing, a local media, has confirmed that the following companies offer car rentals with English-speaking drivers:

Hertz (800 810 8883), cars with driver available;

Beijing Liantuo Car Rentals (+86 10 6778 3599), cars with driver available from 400-1,200 yuan per day;

Beijing Zhongyuan Car Rentals (+86 10 8448 3366), cars with driver available from 400-1,300 yuan per day.

For long-term rentals with a driver, try the local English-speaking specialist, Beijing Anji Station Car Rentals. They will even buy a new vehicle if your requirements are for two years or more.

You can also visit for more information.



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