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Conference on International Exchange of Professionals


Updated: 2013-02-05

Conference on International Exchange of Professionals

Editor's Note:

As China's only conference oriented to foreign experts, training institution and professionals, and the highest-level international event for exchanging talent resources, the CEIP provides a key platform for connecting China with the rest of the world in terms of talents, wisdom, technology, projects, and management.

Introducing Global Expertise, Promoting Common Development as the conference's theme, aiming to be the International, High-level, Professional, Excellent, Market-oriented event, the CIEP enlarges its scale, enhances its level, enriches its content and deepen its effect, becoming the important platform for the talents exchange for China even the world.

This year's CEIP will include ten major areas: exhibitions and fairs; a Shenzhen Forum; an Exhibition for the 30th Anniversary of Deng Xiaoping’s July 8, 1983 Talk; the 1st International Emerging Industry Innovation Conference; Foreign Expert Affairs Administrative Departments Business Meeting; Enterprise Business School Exhibition and Forum; an Overseas Student Fair; Mid-to-top-end Professional Hiring; Skilled Professionals Fair; and an Awards Ceremony.

Conference on International Exchange of Professionals

Conference on International Exchange of Professionals

Conference on International Exchange of Professionals

Conference on International Exchange of Professionals 



Overseas Chinese chase opportunities at home

A growing number of scientists and engineers who have worked abroad are seeking business opportunities in China. More...

China's east still the top draw for foreigners

Regional disparity in attracting foreign talent to China is highlighted by survey results released on Wednesday showing that inland areas have a long way to go in attracting professionals from overseas. More...

CIEP schedule

China’s southern city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, next to Hong Kong, will hold its 12th Conference on the International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP), at the Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center, Nov 6 - 7. More...

Bringing innovative projects to CIEP

These talented personnel from overseas will be bringing hundreds of innovative projects focusing on new materials, new energy, bio-medicines, the Internet, IT, energy-saving and innovative finance. More...

Postdoc station attracts international professionals

The Shenzhen Postdoctoral Station will join this year’s CIEP, bringing more than 150 employment opportunities, according to the event’s organizing committee. More...

Shenzhen offers great post-doc support

Shenzhen considers postdoc researchers very important and Wang Rong, its Party secretary, says that it is essential to build talent if they want to attract more talent and post-doc stations are a good way to do that. More...


12th CIEP kicks off in Shenzhen

The confernce, hosted by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), attracted more than 3500 overseas training organizations. More...

Shenzhen embracing more international personnel

At least 50 overseas Chinese student groups have registered for this year’s CIEP, including the North American Chinese Scholars International Exchange Center (NAEC). More...

Displaying entrepreneurial achievements

One Shenzhen foreign expert affairs official commented, “Crowds of people returning from overseas have come to Shenzhen in recent years, with more 50,000 coming by the first of this year. More...

Shenzhen providing rewards for outstanding overseas Chinese

CIEP will have 40 million yuan ($6.56 million) to provide as subsidies for enterprises overseas Chinese set up, in Shenzhen, with 32 million yuan of it for start-ups. More...

Shenzhen post-doctoral stations stand out

The post-doctoral participation in this year’s CIEP has drawn a lot of attention from Hong Kong universities and scientific research institutions. More...






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