Glorious Guangxi

By Michael John Brown( Updated: 2013-08-15

On weekends, I would walk over the streets of the city, where I found an amazing sense of happiness, security and serenity. Stresses are simply unknown to the carefree people of Guangxi.

I was fortunate to visit the small city of Yizhou in Hechi, where the people and the culture swept me into a wonderland of fantastic beauty, mystery and contemplation. The traditional songs and dances similar to the famous native of Yizhou- Liu Sanjie propelled me backward in time to the memory of people who lived and worked in harmony and justice with the earth, the wind and the stars - a period totally remote and unreachable from the modern perspectives of Northern Europe. Floating on a raft down the Gulong river of Yizhou, I felt the naked wonder of nature welling up within me. A glimmer of a new way of life in total harmony between humanity and nature filled me with joy and a compelling urgency to share my vision with the rest of the world.

Later on in my stay in Guangxi I moved to Qinzhou city, where I took job teaching at school named Talent International College Guangxi. This was a new chapter in my life as I felt the friendship and warmth from my colleagues and students right from the start. This unspoilt and charming place made such an impression on me that I stayed there for many years.

I admired the dedication of Chinese teachers and managers due to their hard-working, diligent, and cooperative attitude towards their students, by constantly helping them in all aspects of their study to get good grades and feel needed in society. This gave me a strong desire to teach English well, so that it would actually mean something for the students in their everyday lives. I wanted them to be able to communicate with people all over the world because English is the standard language spoken everywhere in the communities of business, diplomacy, commerce and culture. I was determined to be a portal in opening up the potential of my students and the people of China in a very special way - the gift of language that can help them relate to another billion people on our tiny planet.

I saw their development on a daily basis as I reinforced my objective "Never give in, never, never, never" - I encouraged my students to work harder to understand and master a problem area in English. Concentrating on the struggle with a new and different language, A battle of the will against the challenges of alphabet, spelling, grammar and pronunciation - to the victory of fluency that opens out and broadens the horizons of lives that were changing every day in my classes. The trajectory of their lives forever altered by the expansion of language and understanding of another culture - that of the English-speaking peoples.

Realizing that the mission of transforming the world is far too great for any one person, I work with others enabling them to communicate with the English-speaking peoples who are desperate for new ways and means to reinvent their troubled societies and reinvigorate their outmoded industries. The language that separates one from another must become the bridge that unites all peoples. English has become the dominant language of science, commerce and the arts. The English language is the channel that will open the world to the positive changes people are seeking for the problems of their lives stifled by the old ways and old feudal systems that still plague much of modern humanity. Guangxi is forging a path to the future, a sustainable culture of a vibrant community rich in the things that really matter: love, life, health and harmony with nature.

Back in Europe the saying goes “If you want a rainbow you have to put up with the rain”,but in Guangxi the rainbow comes without conditions. Here there is a culture which is rich in tolerance and acceptance. I have learned a great many things from living and working in China. It has changed my entire outlook on and attitude toward life. I have discovered paradise on earth.

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