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Updated: 2013-08-28

Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory

This observatory was recognized by Guinness World Records on its first anniversary as holding the record of the world’s tallest observation deck. The 100th floor (at 478 meters) has a special 50-meter-long glass floor and has guests from all over the world who come to experience the spectacular bird's-eye-view of the Shanghai area.

There are 101 floors in all and a building area of 381,600 square meters. The idea for the building's shape is from classical Chinese appliances, the yubi and yucong, covered with a sleek, glass and metallic shell that changes its appearance depending on the weather and light. There is a hole at the top, 50 meters in diameter, for a "moon gate" effect that takes its inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture and to reflect the oriental concept of heaven and earth.

Address: 10 Century Blvd, Pudong New District, Shanghai International Financial Center 94-100 levels (close to Dongtai Rd)

Tel: (86)-021-6877-7878

Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is located at Lujiazui, in the Pudong district, alongside the Huangpu River opposite the Bund, and is a distinct landmark. It was designed by the Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Co, whose principal designers were Jiang Huan Chen, Lin Benlin and Zhang Xiulin. Work on it began in 1990 and was completed in 1994. At 468 meters, it was China’s tallest structure from 1994 to 2007, when it was surpassed by the Shanghai World Finance Center. It is a National Tourism Administration AAAAA scenic spot and is lit with different LED sequences at night.

Address: 1 Century Blvd

Tel: (86)-021-5879-1888

Pudong Financial Street

This street, near Lujiazui Century Ave and Pudong Ave, has more than 20 distinctive buildings. Before the real development work on Pudong began, there were no banks within a 500-square-kilometer area, then, four months after the Pudong New District opened, the Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Bank of China, and Communications Bank of China all had branches here. Because of space limitations, they were all crammed into the Dongchang Building. Prior to 1993, most finance offices were concentrated on Dongchang Rd, which was referred to as "Pudong's Finance Street".

Nanjing Rd Pedestrian Walkway

This street is reputed to be “China’s No I street” and epitomizes Shanghai's history and culture. The 1,033-m-long walkway runs between the Bund and People's Square and has 600 shops lining it, some 100- years-old, some with famous brands, and various specialty shops. At night, the whole walkway lights up.

Shanghai Circus World

Circus World was completed in 1999, on 22,500 Square meters on land, as a brand new scenic spot for cultural tourism that integrated a circus with acrobatics, magic shows, dancing and musical performances, and another landmark of international culture.

It has an acrobatics area as its main feature, seating 1,638 and equipped with modern lighting, a stereo surround sound system, platforms, suspension bars, curtains and computer controls. The performance area’s design marked a break from tradition, with a rotating stage, an elevated stage, and a picture-frame stage to meet the needs of acrobats and circus performers, and an excellent place for dance and musical performances.

Shanghai Circus World‘s resident company, the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, has been known internationally for many years now for its brilliant performances, variety, superb skills, and dynamic vision. The Circus is connected with the world's major circus venues, bringing the world's best circus and acrobatics programs to China and some gold medal winning acts from Chinese and international competitions. It has become a center for international and national acrobatic and circus exhibitions and exchanges. Address: 2266 Gonghexin Rd.

Tel: (86)-021-6652-1930

Website: www.circus-world.com