How is Foreign Expert Work Permit application submitted and what is the time frame?


Updated: 2013-08-29

1. Application

A foreign expert seeking employment with a department of the State Council, or an affiliated institutions or company can go to State Foreign Expert Affairs Administration or an appropriate State Council department or specialized companies to apply. Those seeking employment with other companies can go to the local foreign expert affairs or entrusted city-level bureau. 

2. Processing the application

The department in charge will reject any application materials that do not conform to the law, or lack any of the required materials.

The department in charge will allow an applicant to correct any mistakes in their materials on the spot, and, in the case incomplete materials or those that fail to meet the requirements, will issue an Administrative Making Up or Correcting Application Materials notice, on the spot or within five days, with an official seal and date, to note the applicant’s missing contents and, if the department fails to issue the notice in this time frame, the application is automatically accepted.

3. Review

Departments will review the submitted application materials and make a decision within 20 days, in accordance with laws and regulations, and 30 days in some circumstances.


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