Conference on International Exchange of Professionals

( Updated: 2013-09-06

Approved by the State Council, the Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP) was founded in 2001. The first four CIEPs were co-organized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), Jiangsu provincial government, and Nanjing municipal government. The fifth session in 2006 was co-hosted by SAFEA, the State Council Office for Revitalizing Industry in Northeast China, Liaoning provincial government, and Shenyang municipal government.

The conference venue moved to Shenzhen in 2007, and SAFEA and Shenzhen municipal government have co-organized since2007. As China's only conference oriented to foreign experts, training institution and professionals, and the highest-level international event for exchanging talent resources, the CEIP provides a key platform for connecting China with the rest of the world in terms of talents, wisdom, technology, projects, and management. Introducing Global Expertise, Promoting Common Development as the conference's theme, aiming to be the International, High-level, Professional, Excellent, Market-oriented event, the CIEP enlarges its scale, enhances its level, enriches its content and deepen its effect, becoming the important platform for the talents exchange for China even the world.

In 2011, the CIEP marks its tenth anniversary, which coincides with the first year of China's 12th Five-Year Plan. As a link between the past, present and future, the 10th CIEP is moving towards the goal of becoming a world-class event for the exchange of talents.