How to apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate


Updated: 2013-09-26

A foreign expert with a Z visa is required to submit the following materials the first time they apply:

1. Foreign Expert Certificate application form with a photo of the applicant

2. Applicant’s passport and visa, along with copies of the two

3. Foreign Expert Work Permit application stub/receipt

4. Health certificate issued or verified by a health and quarantine department arranged by the Chinese government

5. A copy of the employment contract (with attachments); the contract will also be needed unless it has been handed in already when the applicant applied for a work permit

6. A one-inch ID photo

7. For any family member accompanying the applicant in China, a passport and visa (with copies of the two), health certificate and two one-inch ID photos of the family member

8. An official letter from the employer

What we do

SAFEA is responsible for certifying foreign experts to work in the Chinese mainland and organizing overseas training for Chinese technical and managerial professionals.


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