Under what circumstances can an alien without a Z visa apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate?


Updated: 2013-09-26

An alien with an L visa (tourist visa), X visa (business visa) and F visa (business visa) hired by an employer can apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate if he or she qualifies as one of the following:

1. Senior counselor hired or invited by provincial or ministry-level units, or senior technical personnel included in technology cooperation projects or talent exchange projects co-hosted by the State government or a local government with a foreign country

2. Personnel having made contributions to China, or carrying out gratuitous aid agreements between governments

3. Academic or research leaders hired by State or provincial (ministry) scientific research institutions or higher education institutions; senior management or technical professionals having a title above associate professor, associate researcher or the equivalent

4. Senior technical or management professionals working as a vice-general manager or higher at a major company in China or working at an equivalent level

5. Personnel investing at least $1 million in key counties for national poverty alleviation and development work in West or Central China, or $3 million in other areas; senior technical or management professionals sent to China by foreign enterprises or economic organizations with the investments required above

6. Eminent ethnic Chinese, including winners of major international science prizes

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