About Friendship Award

Updated: 2013-09-26

This award is given to a foreign expert who has made an outstanding contribution to China's economic and social progress.

Every year, 50 foreign experts are selected for the award, while 100 can qualify at certain anniversary celebrations. A total of 1,249 foreign experts, from 67 countries and regions have received the Chinese government’s Friendship Award, since 1991.

It has a positive and important influence on foreign experts working in China and many of them treasure it. It is a great honor for experts to be invited to the awards ceremony and it is not only in recognition of the foreign expert’s contribution to the Chinese, but also a symbol of friendship.

About Friendship Award About Friendship Award

What we do

SAFEA is responsible for certifying foreign experts to work in the Chinese mainland and organizing overseas training for Chinese technical and managerial professionals.


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