What are the immigration quarantine laws?


Updated: 2013-10-23

1. Quarantine

Any arriving or departing individual, means of transportation, luggage, freight, or postal package that could spread a communicable disease requiring quarantine must go through health and quarantine procedures and can only enter or exit with a permit from the border health and quarantine authorities. Any shipper or agent moving a corpse or bones in or out of the country must get a permit from border health and quarantine authorities after a quarantine check.

Any person carrying, shipping, or using the postal service to send microorganisms, human organisms, biological products, blood or blood products, or similar goods must apply for a health and quarantine check and can only enter or exit with a permit from health and quarantine authorities.

2. Applying

Anyone entering or exiting must describe their health condition, travel history, and other related information, show a vaccination record for certain diseases, health certificate, or other relevant documents, and have a quarantine checkup at a designated place, in compliance with exit and entry health and quarantine authorities.

Anyone entering from an area with yellow fever must show a vaccination certificate for that disease to health and quarantine authorities.

3. Health certificate

Foreigners who plan to work, study, visit, or stay in China for longer than one year must present a health certificate upon entry; anyone who fails to present one must have a health check-up no later than one month after entering.

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