How does a foreigner apply for a resident permit?


Updated: 2014-05-19

1. Foreigners need apply at an exit-entry department at a city-level public security bureau.

2. They will also have to answer some questions and provide the following:

a. International travel documents, such as a diplomatic, official, or ordinary passport.

b. A written application form, and one two-inch photo.

c. Any other related documents.

3. The application can be handled by the company or school the foreigner will work at, after the initial appearance at the PSB.

4. The applicant will receive the permit within five working days after the submitting the application to the department.

5. There is a fee for the application.

6. Anyone aged 18 or above applying for a one-year residence permit will need a health certificate from a health and quarantine department approved by the Chinese government.

7. No one entering China without a visa can apply for a residence permit.

8. Residence permit applications can be extended.

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