Shenzhen preparing for China foreign talent meeting


Updated: 2014-10-23

The city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province hosted a meeting, on Oct 14, to discuss the 13th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals, scheduled for April of next year , with the head of China’s Foreign Expert Affairs Administration on hand to call for better preparations.

The administration’s Zhang Jianguo desribed two themes for the conference, “integrating global talent” and “developing together” and quoted President Xi, who said, “China is willing to learn from others”, to drive home the point.

And, even though there have been 12 conferences held already, he went on to say, “we need to get experience and integrate services, technology, and foreign talent for a better conference next year.”

Shenzhen’s mayor, Xu Qin, who heads up the organizing committee, addressed the gathering and explained the importance of foreign experts to Shenzhen’s socio-economic development by saying, “Foreign talent has contributed to Shenzhen’s development and will contribute more in industrial innovation and upgrades, so our foreign-friendly environment is an asset to the coming meeting.”

This conference is China’s only event oriented entirely to foreign professionals, and the upcoming one, the 13th, will be held April 18-19, 2015, according to the head of organizing committee.

Taking part of the meeting were representatives of the State foreign experts office, and members of the Shenzhen 13th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals organizing committee.


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