Updated: 2015-01-16

The conference will focus on transnational technology and industrial application in the following areas:

I. Energy conservation and environmental protection

1) Atmospheric particles (PM2.5) control technology

2) Gas filtration technology

3) Liquid filtration technology

4) Membrane filtration technology

II. E-technology innovation

1) Future intelligent city and life

2) Smart grid (extra-high voltage power transmission and electricity distribution)

3) Compatibility and security between electric vehicles (BEV), automotive electronics and electromagnetic environment

4) Electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference technology

5) Microwave, antenna, radio frequency technology and application

6) Aerospace industry

7) Medical electronic technology innovation

8) Urban rail transit

9) Fifth generation mobile networks or fifth generation wireless systems

10) International technology cooperation and professionals exchange

11) Construction on China BeiDou Ground Station and environment integration

III. 3D printing

1) Industrial 3D printer, desktop 3D printer and printer accessories

2) 3D scanning and software: 3D scanner, 3D laser engraving machine, laser plate-making, three-dimensional photogrammetry system, 3D detection software, 3D design software and printing software

3) 3D printing materials: photosensitive resin, plastic powder materials, metal powder materials

4) 3D printing services: rapid prototyping, mock-up plate manufacturing, 3D scanning and measurement, investment services

IV. Microelectronics and chip technology

1) Specialty custom-made images (.13 um CMOS) & sensors (CMORE)

2) eCCD (Embedded CCD)

3) BSI (Backside Illuminated Imagers)

4) TSV – 3D packaging through hybrid silicon interposer

V. Medical technology

1) Detection projects:

Gene testing project

Proteomics testing project

2) Personalized treatment programs:

Early diagnosis on organ fibrosis diseases project development

Pegylation drug research

Italian stem cell technology

Beike Biotechnology stem cell treatment program

Carvar Heart Center’s heart disease service

Allogeneic bone project

Singaporean dental program

3D printing clinical service

3D printing medical application

3). Digitalized remote health management projects:

Infection disease detection

Mobile health management

Cloud health system

Noninvasive blood glucose meter

Wearable vital signs testing equipment

Intelligent health monitoring system

Global best-equipped point-of-care testing project

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