Medical escort service launched for expats

By Shan Juan( Updated: 2015-09-07

As an expat living in China, are you getting enough of seeing a doctor in a typical Chinese public hospital? To help turn your adventurous hospital experience to one at ease, here comes a medical escort services for both Chinese and foreigners.

Launched in July, Anxin Medical Escort Services provide service provide personal guidance for seeing a doctor at 31 key public hospitals in Beijing.

Nearly 200 professional nurses working at the hospitals covered have been contracted with the company, escorting the patients to see a doctor at hospital.

They can help patients with hospital registration, medical check-up result delivery, escort on the day of treatment, and lining the queues for medical check-ups or at the cashier.

All the services are provided by professional nurses whose medical expertise could help smooth and shorten the process seeing the doctor, said Wu Jianhua, CEO of the company.

"Targeted customers include patients from other parts of the country, children, pregnant women, senior people, and foreigners in Beijing," he said.

For expat customers , "we have English-speaking nurses and we promise to help shorten the whole process within two hours," he said.

Customers now have three channels to reserve the service, the mobile application namely "Anxin Medical Escort," the Wechat account, and a hotline (4000-91-5000).

The rate of the service is 149 yuan each time and first time reservation via APP is free.