Campaign kicks off to select the Chinese cities most attractive to foreigners

( Updated: 2015-09-16

Evaluation work began recently to select the most attractive cities in China in the eyes of foreigners. The event is jointly sponsored by International Talent magazine and the China Society for Research on International Exchange and Personnel Development, and aims to publicize the charms of Chinese cities.

The first annual selection occurred in 2010 and selected Chinese cities have become important windows for foreigners with special abilities (“foreign talents”) to know China. President Xi Jinping held a foreign experts symposium in Shanghai on May 22, 2014, and emphasized that Shanghai,which has been well publiczed, has been the most attractive city to foreigners for many years.

Foreign talents commented on the policy, work and livability of the candidate cities in 2014 through voting and text messages. The event this year will focus on the theme of cities opening-up and introducing themselves to foreign talents. It will display development of China’s introductions to foreign talents, explore the value of their working or starting up business in China, and guide cities in development of a comprehensive environment to attract more high-level foreign talents to conduct innovation or found businesses in China.

Three categories—the 10 cities most attractive to foreign talents, top Chinese and foreign cities in foreign talents attractiveness, and top western Chinese cities in wooing foreign talents, were set up to encourage participation of the cities. The foreign judge committee includes Nobel Prize winners, Chinese government’s Friendship Award winners, and the International City/County Management Association. They will base their judgement on a city’s policy, government, and work and life environments. Foreign talents abroad will vote online, those in China and foreign experts will sign their votes here. The three forms of votes will be weighted, analyzed and counted by Horizon Key, a survey organization in Beijing.

Voting for the cities will stop on Nov 30, 2015. The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and The Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs will publicize the results.