State media cover talent introduction in Hefei

( Updated: 2015-09-18

The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs invited State media to report on talent introduction development in Anhui province. Reporters from eight state media visited Longtium Semiconductor, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science and several other local units. Liu Li, head of Anhui’s human resources and social security department, talked with reporters, and Pan Yaqun, head of the province’s foreign experts’ affairs, answered reporters’ questions.

State media cover talent introduction in Hefei

“With the guidance of foreign experts, we built our lab platform, conducted research on semiconductor nanomaterial’s physicochemical properties under high pressure, and found new forms of sodium chloride and potassium chloride,” said Zeng Zhi, an official from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science. “Our team has also been able to present findings in famous international periodicals, such as Nature and Science.”

The Hefei institute has learned from German universities and aims to become a facility with regional and international elements. It plans to advance talent development and evolve into an application-oriented university. To date, the institute has cooperative relations with 47 foreign universities. Anhui-Germany and Hefei-South Korea centers play an important role in help the institute go global. Three experts won the Chinese government’s Friendship Award and ten got the province’s Yellow Mountain Award.

“The foreign affairs’ bureau offered us financial help at the initial phase of our business,” said Chen Feng, founder of the Longtium Semiconductor. “Although each expert only had 20,000 yuan in air ticket subsidies, the money meant a lot to us.”

Hefei Hengxin Automotive Engine Component Manufacturing turned to the bureau for experts when it met difficulties with General Motors. The bureau then recommended Roberto Verdi, who had worked at Fiat Auto and Valeo. As a result, the Chinese company saw its product R&D and management effectively upgraded, thanks to the joint efforts of the foreign expert and its own R&D team. The company now offers auxiliary products for Volvo and Benz.

The trip also enabled media to better understand the role of Anhui’s talent introduction work in strategic development and emerging industries. Reporters spoke highly of the efforts by local enterprises and universities to improve their innovation capability, upgrade core competitiveness and cultivate talent. At the same time, they were moved by foreign experts’ charity work, including donations to build schools and adopt orphans. Reporters said that they would try to cover model foreign experts to pass on positive energy.