Gansu scale beef farm management summit held in Zhangye

( Updated: 2016-04-15

On April 1, the Gausu Scale Beef Farm Management Summit was held in the city of Zhangye. More than 120 leaders and professionals from animal husbandry centers and beef farms attended the event.

The event was organized by the Gansu Administration of Animal Husbandry Industry, the Gansu Animal Agriculture Association Beef Branch, and Gansu Jinrui Biotechnology Ltd, and was supported by the Gansu Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

The summit invited foreign experts in this industry from Australia. In lectures and seminars they introduced the beef industry and its market in Australia, and discussed technologies and solutions they employed in the development of beef farms there.

During the summit, the organizing committee invited the foreign experts to local farms where they gave valuable advice on how to improve the farms’ husbandry work. Through theoretical training and observation, the local farmers gained valuable experience from the foreign experts. The summit has greatly promoted the development of animal husbandry in Gansu province.