French agricultural expert visits Shanxi

( Updated: 2016-08-02

French agricultural expert visits Shanxi

The Shanxi service center for foreign experts invited French agricultural expert Veschambre• Daniel to Shanxi to offer technical guidance to agricultural enterprises and academic research institutions.

Daniel has been working in research on agricultural techniques for more than 50 years. He devotes himself to improving the quality and quantity of fruits and vegetables and has published books on the cultivation of tomatoes, melons, and strawberries. Since 2009, Daniel has visited about 20 cities in China, and he has a good understanding of the country’s agriculture.

Daniel visited the Cotton Research Institute of Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and spoke highly of the advanced level of cotton cultivation in the biological technology laboratory. He talked with local farmers about pest control in melon and sweet potato cultivation. The academy researchers will put Daniel’s advice into practice in future experiments.

He also visited a modern agriculture company and exchanged views on seedling models and soilless cultivation. They discussed soilless cultivation of strawberries, which laid a good foundation for their future cooperation.

Daniel visited Huaxiatianrun agriculture company and discussed soilless cultivation of vegetables with its technical workers, which was of substantial benefit to the company.

He gave three lectures at the companies in which he introduced advanced plant protection ideas and greenhouse management methods.