Of head and heart

By Liu Xiangrui(China Daily) Updated: 2016-10-28

Of head and heart

[Photo provided to China Daily]

"Good health is not just a matter of healing infection or doing surgery," says Hart. "It is being comfortable and healthy in all aspects of life-physically and mentally. Our mission is to make a man whole."

"It's probably the greatest legacy Loma Linda has provided to it (the Hangzhou hospital)."

Decades of partnership with Chinese medical institutions has allowed Hart to gain a deep understanding about China's healthcare system. He believes the issue of cost effectiveness is going to be a challenge for China even in the future.

"There are many new hospitals coming up. But the hospitals are very expensive places. It (healthcare system) is going to crash if we don't figure out who is going to pay for that," he says.

He thinks the government will develop a proper health insurance system eventually and figure out how to make medical care more cost-effective and accurate to curb problems including excessive treatment.