Coach catalyst

By He Keyao(China Daily) Updated: 2016-11-04

Coach catalyst

Decorating his house with scrolls for Spring Festival has been an annual ritual for Dmitry.

In 2001, the Zhejiang Juhua China-Russia Scientific & Technological Cooperation Park was established, where more than 200 kinds of fluorine products are produced and more than 10 joint projects by the two countries have been launched so far.

Due to his contribution to China's development, Dmitry has received a number of awards in the country, including the central government's Friendship Award for foreigners, and the West Lake Friendship Award from Zhejiang's provincial government. He also cherishes the Chinese green card that he received in 2000.

"I'm so happy that I can stay in China for good, and Quzhou's Juhua is my home," says Dmitry.

Having lived in the prefecture-level city for more than two decades, Dmitry calls himself "half-Chinese".

"Dmitry is more than an old friend. He's just like our family member and he likes to eat hot pot with us," says Liu Xiaomin, Dmitry's translator.

She says the Russian expert is an outgoing man who deeply values his relations with local friends.

Dmitry often invites his Chinese friends to visit his house. During the Spring Festival celebrations, he decorates his house with scrolls and dresses up in his red Tang suit, ringing in the Chinese New Year in a traditional way.

"People here treat me like family. They take very good care of me and always make me feel welcome," says Dmitry.

When he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, he says some Russian hospitals told him that he was too old to be treated. But the Chinese company found him specialist treatment.

"China has kept its doors wide open for foreign talents, and it's worth being here," he says.

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