Foreign expert donates Friendship Award prize to children of the stars

Updated: 2016-12-14

Foreign experts are trying to make China their home and helping make small, but impactful, changes in the communities where they live.

Zhihuidao Children Intelligence Training Center, located in Lianhu district, Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, is a special school for children with autism, amiably called the "children of the stars". On Dec 12, the school welcomed a new friend, a foreign expert in Xi'an and decided to donate all of his prize money from a recent award to the children at Zhihuidao.

Fu Hui, who is from Singapore, works at Intel Mobile Communications Technology (Xi'an) Ltd Co. Half a month earlier, he had received a trophy and a portion of 30,000 yuan prize ($4,345) that came with the Xi'an Friendship Award, which is a municipal award for foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the city's economic and social development.

Fu changed his decision on how to use the money upon meeting the American expert Deborah Lynn Skinner at the awards ceremony. Skinner works at Zhihuidao, helping conduct rehabilitation training for the students.

She suggested Fu visit the school. In this small rehabilitation center, he saw there were 36 star children from different parts of the country with different degrees of autism receiving the utmost care and training from 22 teachers. But Fu felt sorry when he learned that these young teachers were poorly paid, with typical monthly wages of 2,000 yuan, and sometimes even went unpaid.

Fu made up his mind to put all his prize money into the future training of these young teachers. "To tell the truth, I was not particularly concerned about these children of the stars, but today I've seen so many people who care about and help these children," Fu said. "For these teachers, this is a career of love. I hope there will be many more people to help these children and teachers, who work together to improve the ability and rehabilitation treatments for autism here."