Foreign experts in Gansu visit Dunhuang

( Updated: 2016-12-27

Foreign experts in Gansu visit Dunhuang

Foreign experts in Guansu visits Mogao Grottoes in Gaosu. [photo/]

The Gansu Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs organized 22 foreign experts and teachers to tour Dunhuang from December 1 to 4.

The group watched a digital movie made by Dunhuang Academy, and visited Mogao Grottoes, the Museum of Dunhuang, Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring. They also toured the photovoltaic industry.

Through the visit the foreign experts experienced the integration of western and eastern culture along the ancient Silk Road, and felt the great changes in Dunhuang in the Belt and Road Initiative construction.

Alexander, a Russian expert from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, took part in the event for the first time. He said that it was a pleasant and unforgettable trip. Foreign experts and teachers gained a better understanding of Chinese culture and history through various activities and made new friends during the excursion.