Opportunities for 'excellent' foreign graduates in China


Updated: 2017-01-15

Foreigners who have graduated within the past year with a master's degree from a Chinese or a foreign university are eligible to search for work in China, starting from this year.

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security have issued a joint statement outlining requirements for eligible students who wish to seek employment within the country.

A qualified student must be at least 18 years old, healthy, possess a clean criminal record, and have grades averaging above 80 percent, or a B+/B under the letter-grade system.

The jobs these students take must match the individual's academic specialties.

Qualified international students at Chinese universities will be granted work permits and employment licenses. Qualified students at foreign universities will first be granted work permits, followed by an employment license after arriving in China and obtaining a work visa.

Employment licenses for foreign graduates are valid for one year upon first arrival, with subsequent licenses being valid for up to five years at a time.


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