Zhejiang introduces 10,000 high-level foreign experts in 2017

Updated: 2018-01-19

A total of 12,000 high level experts were introduced to East China's Zhejiang for the first time, an increase of about 50 percent over the previous year. According to preliminary statistics, Zhejiang province introduced more than 51,000 foreign experts in 2017.

14 foreign experts from Zhejiang province were selected for the Thousand Talents Program. The number of selected candidates was the highest in a year and the highest in the country for the fourth consecutive year.

In addition, 39 foreign experts were selected for the Thousand Talents Program in Zhejiang province. Three provincial colleges and universities were selected for the higher education discipline innovation program (the "111 plan"); thus there were seven foreign expertise introduction bases in Zhejiang included in the program, the highest provincial number in China.

Since April 1, 2017, Zhejiang has started to implement the work permit system for foreigners coming to China. Application numbers in Zhejiang ranked fifth in China by the end of 2017.

Zhejiang published the Measures for Zhejiang Province to Introduce Overseas Engineers (Pilot), and announced the first group of 81 successful applicants. A total of 2.57 million dollars was financed by the provincial and local governments.

At the same time, Zhejiang continued to explore ways to establish a high-end foreign talent pool using market mechanisms. Hangzhou International Talent Innovation Park and Zhejiang (Shaoxing) Foreign High-tech Talent Innovation Cluster will be established consecutively.

The water management advisory group formed by high-level foreign experts and a German Industry 4.0 high-level engineering and technical team were invited to Zhejiang to give technical guidance.

Delegations from Zhejiang also visited the United States, Germany, Japan and other major countries to expand effective channels for overseas intellectual resources.