Second Southwest China MASHAV forum held in Chengdu

Updated: 2018-01-31

The second MASHAV forum in southwest China was held in Chengdu on Jan 25.

Second Southwest China MASHAV forum held in Chengdu

The second MASHAV forum in southwest China is held in Chengdu on Jan 25.[photo/]

Over 100 participants from Sichuan, Chongqing and Yunnan joined the forum. The purpose of the event was to further promote China-Israel exchange of advanced technology and management experience. Training programs in various fields were launched in education, agriculture, innovation and entrepreneurship, emergency response, new energy, medicine and environmental protection; enhancing the level of cooperation between the two countries.

MASHAV is the Hebrew acronym for Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation. It was started in 1957 with the purpose of sharing with developing countries the knowledge and experience gained in the rapid development of Israeli technology.

Second Southwest China MASHAV forum held in Chengdu

The MASHAV 60 years logo is unveiled.[photo/]

Since the founding of the Consulate General of Israel in Chengdu in 2014, Sichuan, Chongqing and Yunnan have organized more than 20 training sessions and over 1,500 trainees in various fields such as agriculture, scientific research and medical care have joined the activities.

In Pengzhou, for example, Israeli agricultural experts taught nearly 100 local government officials and agricultural enterprise representatives about drip irrigation and fertilization, as well as vegetable growing facilities and farm management.

The Chengdu Sports Institute held a lecture on injury treatment and rehabilitation by Israeli experts which more than 300 teachers and students attended; in Ya'an, Israeli medical expert Professor Maurice, who got the first Sichuan "foreign high-end talent confirmation letter" and the country's first talent visa (R-visa), led his team in carrying out academic exchanges related to refractory wound repair; and the Sichuan Institute of Safety Science and Technology organized a training called “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems", presented by Israeli experts.

As part of its implementation of the common goal set by the China-Israel Joint Committee for Innovation and Cooperation to actively promote personnel exchanges and cooperation between China and Israel, SAFEA recently signed a new MASHAV cooperation agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By hiring Israeli experts to work in China and sending Chinese technical managers to Israel for training, China enhances cooperation with Israel in economics, trade, science and technology, education, agriculture, and health and humanities.

With the strong support of SAFEA, the Sichuan provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs has sent many trainees to participate in MASHAV training in areas such as river water pollution control, high-yield olive cultivation, water-saving irrigation and agricultural facility operations. After returning to China, the trainees applied advanced Israeli technologies to their production practices and contributed to Sichuan’s economic and social development.

Sichuan attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchange with Israel. In 2016, the provincial government visited Israel and signed an Agreement on Cooperation in Scientific and Technological Innovation, made between the Sichuan government and Israel's Ministry of Economic Affairs, which further enhanced their cooperation in technology and industrial research.

At present, the number of Israeli experts in Sichuan is on an upward trend. In 2017, 16 Israeli experts worked in Sichuan for more than three months. In addition, 42 people visited Sichuan for technical guidance, funded by the State and the Sichuan provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Sichuan province implemented an "Internet + government services" program to further optimize the service system and simplify application materials. The full implementation of the R visa system opens up a green channel for high-level experts in Sichuan and guarantees enough foreign high-level personnel in all fields.

Lan Tianming, consul-general of Israel in Chengdu, and Deng Yonghui, director of SAFEA’s overseas training department, attended the forum.