SAFEA administrator meets with Daimler CEO

( Updated: 2018-09-28

Zhang Jianguo, administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), met with Hubertus Troska, chairman and CEO of Daimler Greater China in Beijing on Sept 21.

SAFEA administrator meets with Daimler CEO

Zhang (R4) listensto Daimler Greater China's development strategy, and then exchanges views with Hubertus (L4) on issues such as new energy vehicles and the introduction of foreign talents. [photo/]

On the issue of new energy vehicles, Zhang introduced their development status in China, pointing out that the future development trend is electrification, intelligence, interconnection and weight reduction. The Chinese government will pay more attention to the innovation of industry, technology and policy to promote the high quality development of new energy vehicles under the new situation.

Zhang also introduced China's latest measures to introduce foreign talents and intelligence. He pointed out that the exchanges between both sides play an active role in promoting cooperation in scientific and technological innovation between the two countries.

Hubertus gave a positive response, and presented the current development situation and Daimler's strategy in China. He said that active R&D activities will be carried out with China in new energy vehicles and other fields to jointly develop the global market.

Zhang affirmed that Daimler explored the relevant transformation practices in line with the development trend of science and technology on the basis of existing advantages. He indicated that SEFEA will provide services and support for the cooperation between high-tech enterprises in China and Germany.