Foreigners recognized for their hard work by Zhejiang's govt

( Updated: 2018-11-02

Foreigners recognized for their hard work by Zhejiang's govt

Government officials of Zhejiang and winners of this year's West Lake Friendship Award pose for a group photo in Hangzhou on Oct 30. [Photo from Wang Jianyong]

The West Lake Friendship Award, East China's Zhejiang government's highest honor for foreigners who have contributed to the province's development, was issued to 50 foreign experts in Hangzhou on Oct 30.

Yuan Jiajun, governor of the province, extended his congratulations to the award winners and thanked every foreigner who has made contributions to the modern construction of the province.

Yuan said the quality development of Zhejiang in the new era can't be achieved without technological and intellectual support, which provides a broad stage for foreign experts to show their talent.

"We welcome overseas talents to do innovative work and start new businesses in Zhejiang and the province is striving to create a better environment for technologies and talents," said Yuan.

The West Lake Friendship Award was established in 1997 and so far, a total of 649 experts have won the award.