Icons and Beauties, an ongoing photo exhibition at Christie's Shanghai gallery, takes viewers on a journey through the lens of time.

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HONG KONG Diplomatic feast

Last November, when Wang Yabin toured Europe with Genesis, a collaborative dance work she made with Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, she took with her the novel The Moon Opera, written by Chinese author Bi Feiyu, as well as DVDs of the TV series based on the novel.

Best bets


Ultimate Broadway Top Version in Shanghai

The play 4:48 Psychosis has not so much lost the plot as not had one in the first place.

Can a German-Nigerian choreographer create a new play based on China's most celebrated imperial love story?

Israeli choreographer Nadine Bommer will make her debut in China on Tuesday, when her modern dance show American Cinema is staged in Shanghai.

Diners hoping to have a glimpse into old times in Nanjing should visit a new restaurant in the Wangfujing area of Beijing. Nanjing Impressions, a restaurant chain with outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Nanjing, has recently opened a branch there to emphasize its culinary origin and cultural legacy.

Bite-sized delights


After almost 20 years in the kitchen, dim-sum chef Eric Zeng believes the appearance of these Chinese bite-size snacks is very important, and he strives to present them in a way that is almost "superficial".

The upcoming Shanghai Book Fair - an acclaimed mainland event - will likely see less craze among readers for lifestyle and personal finance books.

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