This could be the perfect pastime in the hottest days of the year: to watch Ice Age Live in Shanghai and four other cities in China.

The play 4:48 Psychosis has not so much lost the plot as not had one in the first place.

There were eggs a few years ago, and now there are swords and guns. Mind you, these were not any old eggs, but really fine Easter eggs, decked in gold. Like them, the weapons are from Russia, and they can be seen in an exhibition titled The Armory Treasury of the Russian Sovereigns at Shanghai Museum through Oct 10.

Best bets


Cavalia in Shanghai

Ode to creativity


As a cinematographer, Christopher Doyle has shot many films in Shanghai, and now he pays his compliments to the city through a joint exhibition with contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Enli.

China has so far signed visa exemption agreements for various passports with 99 countries and 59 visa simplification agreements or arrangements with 37 countries.

France, the world's top tourism destination, will make it easier for Chinese tourists, businesspeople and students to travel, work and study in the country.

For many Shanghai residents, autumn is a wonderful time of year. While the chilly winds may whip through the streets and falling leaves blanket the ground, the people of the city can ward off the coming winter by indulging in their favorite autumn snack - sweet roasted chestnuts.

In the summertime


As the humidity cranks up along with the temperature, Shanghai is sweltering under the haze of heat. Food writers Pauline D. Loh and Xu Junqian focus on desserts that will cool you down, and add some sweetness to the long, hot season.

Who’d dare to turn down a restaurant serving great Italian food with a generous side of cultural references from the mobster-movie genre? Antony Otera fronts up for a sit-down.

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