• Honored translator Sidney Shapiro dies


    Sidney Shapiro, a famed US-born translator who was one of the few Westerners to gain Chinese citizenship and become a member of the nation's top advisory body, died at the weekend in Beijing, his granddaughter said. He was 98.

  • Ningbo establishes foreign employee service center


    The city of Ningbo, Zhejiang province announced the opening of its first foreign expert services center, located in Laowaitan, on Oct 16, where it expects to provide better services for foreign experts working and living in the city.

  • Top 10 awards for consultation with foreigners


    To celebrate China’s 65th anniversary, the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs did a search for the Top 10 Achievements of people working together with foreigners, out of a total of 32 projects nominated.

  • Top designer thrilled with Friendship Award


    When I came to China four years ago, there were things I never expected-being here for four years at the top of the list.

  • Premier welcomes experts


    The best award for foreign experts in China-except for the golden badge and invitation to the National Day banquet-may be Premier Li Keqiang's pledge for a streamlined procedure to get a permanent residency permit.

  • China honors 100 foreign experts


    The Chinese government honored 100 foreign experts from 25 countries for their contributions to China's development on Monday.