• Top 10 awards for consultation with foreigners


    To celebrate China’s 65th anniversary, the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs did a search for the Top 10 Achievements of people working together with foreigners, out of a total of 32 projects nominated.

  • Top designer thrilled with Friendship Award


    When I came to China four years ago, there were things I never expected-being here for four years at the top of the list.

  • Premier welcomes experts


    The best award for foreign experts in China-except for the golden badge and invitation to the National Day banquet-may be Premier Li Keqiang's pledge for a streamlined procedure to get a permanent residency permit.

  • China honors 100 foreign experts


    The Chinese government honored 100 foreign experts from 25 countries for their contributions to China's development on Monday.

  • 100 foreigners get Friendship Award


    Foreign experts' outstanding contributions aided China's economic, social development.

  • Foreign experts advise a unified regulatory approach


    Foreign experts advised China to deepen financial reforms and strengthen regulation by having unified supervision across sectors during a forum of world experts on China's financial services development in Beijing on Sunday.