• Zhang Yali attends Int’l Soft China 2015


    Zhang Yali, deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) attended the opening ceremony of International Soft China 2015 in Beijing on May 28.

  • Zhang Jianguo visits Russia and the US


    Zhang Jianguo, director general of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, led a delegation to Russia and the US during May 7-14.

  • A Russian teaches fashion in China


    Clothing trends fascinate designer as tradition meets evolution

  • Overseas experts pursue their dreams


    In addition to attracting overseas talent to support its development, China is now in a better position to fulfill foreign experts' dreams as well, experts said.

  • Market becomes driving force for foreign talents


    Zhang Jianguo had opportunities in 2013 to talk face to face with more than 100 foreign experts in different fields and from different cities about their lives and work in China.

  • Master of safety checks


    "Making profits is important, but production safety should always come first ... It is very important to train machine operators so that they can detect problems and deal with them on the spot."