• Shanxi opens world health conference


    The promotional eventfor the province of Shanxi’s health industries and international health exchanges brought health professionals from all-around the world together on Oct 24 -26.

  • Foreign expert office deputy head visits Chongqing


    The State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs decided to get a closer look at the mega-city of Chongqing so its deputy head did some field work, Oct 15 – 17, at some area universities to see just how government policies could help the institutions provide better services for foreign staff there.

  • State foreign experts head meets with US business people


    The deputy head of China’s State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, Lu Ming, had a meeting with the CEO of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA),on Oct 15.

  • Shenzhen preparing for China foreign talent meeting


    The city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province hosted a meeting, on Oct 14, to discuss the 13th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals, scheduled for April of next year , with the head of China’s Foreign Expert Affairs Administration on hand to call for better preparations.

  • Foreign affairs office awards outstanding work done in conjunction with foreigners


    To celebrate China’s 65th anniversary, the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs International Talent magazine did a search for the Top 10 Achievements of people working together with foreigners, out of a total of 32 projectsnominated.

  • Foreign experts administration meets in Ningbo


    The State Adminstration of Foreign Expert Affairs held a meeting with 10 foreign experts from companies in Ningbo, Zhengjiang province to discuss various issues in their daily work and the rule of law in China.