• Canadian author pens China book at 98


    The daughter of Canadian missionaries has become a veteran 'foreign expert' in China-an author with a respectful and respected view of the country's socialist evolution.

  • Chengdu touches US heart


    People meeting Peter Haymond for the first time are often impressed by his Chinese name, Mengde, a moniker that hints at his deep understanding of Chinese culture.

  • Heeding her mother's words


    One Angolan student is pinning her future on learning Chinese in Guangzhou. She is one of 50,000 Africans working or studying in the city.

  • Antidote to culture shock: Drink plenty of water


    After receiving admission letters from several graduate schools in Europe, Theo Aperkor, a young man from Ghana, thought carefully before deciding to accept a scholarship in China.

  • Journeyman's stories


    Liking it all is part of the trip, as one songwriter-turned-author tells Mike Peters.

  • Proud to return for second China stay


    The week after Merita Cuadari married young diplomat Kujtim Xhani in 1983, she left her home country Albania for the first time.

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