• Growing together


    Ten years ago, Mike Parent arrived in the Tibet autonomous region to teach at the Braille Without Borders vocational school.

  • Gifts of the heart


    American woman in China, who has worked in Harbin, Chengdu and Tianjin, speaks on volunteering. Liu Xiangrui reports ahead of the country's first National Charity Day.

  • A Czech designer's passion for calligraphy


    Jana Janeckova, the owner of Listdesign, a graphic design company in the Czech Republic, still rememberes the movie about Chinese calligraphy screened in Czech when she was a child.

  • Uncle Hanzi is quite a character


    He was just an academic with an unusual hobby - until his etymology website of Chinese characters became a smash hit online. Deng Zhangyu chats with an unlikely Internet hero.

  • Formula for success


    A veteran Italian businessman says a stranger's tip on his first visit to China has helped him find his own way in the country for more than two decades,

  • Israeli doctor aids Sichuan patients


    An Israeli surgeon's dexterity treating the largest and most serious wounds has brought him to Sichuan province again and again, he tells Liu Zhihua.