• Winemaker brings his passion to the Chinese vineyard


    Since 2010, the 51-year-old has worked at Chateau Hansen in Wuhai, in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which he calls "paradise for grapes" because of its terrain, annual sunshine hours, and its warm days and cool nights.

  • Biologist's work helps country control bird disease


    Every summer, Mazhar Khan goes to Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in Southwest China, to spend a month or two.

  • Foreign fan of Beijing hutongs


    Elyse Ribbons, known as Liu Suying in China, found a home in the hutong. An American entrepreneur with a successful career in radio and film, Ribbons was attracted to the hutong where she found acceptance and community. Hutong Culture

  • Daphne Mallet: More art space can diversify hutong culture


    Daphne Mallet, owner of the Jiali Gallery at Beijixiang Hutong, has been living in the hutong since 2006. After working in 798 Art Zone for six years, the French artist decided to open her own gallery.

  • Brazilian Sinologist: My Chinese Story


    Studying at Peking University has always been my dream and the Confucius Institute program of a PhD fellowship is giving me the opportunity to try to realize this dream.

  • All roads lead to Sinology


    As a European child, my interest for China, Chinese history and civilization naturally started with the discovery of Marco Polo’s 13th Century travels.