• Half a century of China watching


    Colin Mackerras has chalked up many firsts in China from the time he first set foot in the country in 1960s to his current reputation as probably one of the most influential specialists on China affairs.

  • Time and place with premier


    If you ever wondered how official events in China are run like clockwork, I can offer some insight: It takes a lot of time and plenty of attention to detail.

  • Q+A: Arun S. Mujumdar


    Arun S. Mujumdar, of Canada, is a professor of engineering at the National University of Singapore and McGill University in Canada. He has made significant contributions to enhancing the technological advancement of China's food drying industry since 1984.

  • Happy to enhance China-India friendship


    Vikash Kumar Singh: In India, there is a famous quote, "Kaam adhik baten kum—work more, talk less". But this slogan was practically used in China.

  • Study Chinese in China


    My story encompasses a mission to study Chinese in China and how it led me to starting a successful education business called China Immersion.

  • One great chance


    The best part of my job was to see people coming back to hotel, when they recognized me were happy to share their adventures, burdens, thoughts with me.