• Beijing last link in love story


    DeGroot: The Great Wall of China is the last love lock I care about as it's a place that we both would love to visit and would be perfect for her to go see it and just have that symbol there for her.

  • Ravi Shankar: the wind beneath my wings


    As journalists, we are the ones asking the questions, seeking the answers, looking for that exclusive photo or interview.

  • My life in Guangzhou


    I am Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integration. My team takes care of the full vehicle, specifying and then combining all together the several systems of the car.

  • Storm of praise for wind expert


    Andreas DuBois has visited Qingdao, a coastal city in East China's Shandong province, several times. But recently, the 56-year-old a wind-power expert had his first holiday there courtesy of the Chinese government. The trip was its way of thanking him for his contribution to the country.

  • I Believe in China


    Growing up, I learned to develop a disinterest in obtaining material things and an insatiable amount of power for myself.

  • Glorious Guangxi


    As fate would have it, a way opened before me to work in Nanning, a veritable Emerald City humming with energy, joy and their exotic form of magic unique to Guangxi.