• A life by the wall


    Not even a Chinese knows the Great Wall of China as well as this British adventurer.

  • China dream in Africa


    Ratsizakaina Isaia Herimialy, a junior at a Confucius College in Madagascar, studies Chinese dance, April 17, 2013.

  • Tracing grandfather's footsteps


    Journalist Mark O'Neill thinks his destiny and connections with China started with his grandfather.

  • Casting call


    Jonathan Kos-Read isn't Chinese - but he's about as close as a foreigner gets. The 39-year-old American actor, who speaks with a perfect Beijing accent, is one of the most famous foreigners on TV and in movies.

  • The French connection


    A former prime minister of France looks back at the close friendships he had forged in the Middle Kingdom through the decades and shares some of those memories with Zhao Xu.

  • Judo champ 'restarts' passion, career


    Bogged down in the hectic life of a freelance designer in Shanghai, Krissa Hjartar missed having a regular workout routine. The Icelandic native was also apprehensive about outdoor exercise in the often-polluted environment of a big city.