• Tumbling into China


    Beijing International Arts School is a big attraction for aspiring foreign acrobats. Chen Nan reports on a growing trend.

  • The ties that bind


    As general secretary of the Chinese Alumni Association of Tanzania, reports Liu Xiangrui, the fluent Mandarin speaker Swai Mosses is well positioned to further improve relations between the two countries.

  • Beyond diplomatic language


    He is an ambassador from Seychelles who has written a novel on a young Chinese prince's path to Venice. The French-language book has been translated into Chinese.

  • Behind the mask


    Sierra Leone native Mariatu Kargbo has captured China's heart with her devotion to its culture and people.

  • Fast lane in Guangzhou


    Karl Fjellstrom is happiest looking at traffic as it hums smoothly along a major thoroughfare in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

  • Painted faces


    The colorful makeup of Peking Opera masks Ghaffar Pourazar's nationality, and at the same time reveals the lifelong dedication of a true lover of the art.