• The innkeeper from Japan


    Katsuyuki Hayashi had arrived in China for an international symposium, but he loved what he saw so much he decided to stay. Now, he plays host to other visitors from abroad, including his fellow Japanese.

  • Now I know my A-B-C


    There is a rural village in Guangdong where even a 4-year-old can fluently respond to an English greeting.

  • The art of China watching


    He has spent the better part of his 20s in China, studying, observing and writing about what he sees. Now, Kato Yoshikazu is leaving and wants to share his thoughts.

  • Fabulous foreign talent


    He's from the United States, she's from Canada, and they sang their way into the hearts of Chinese fans.

  • 'One suicide is too many'


    A Canadian psychiatrist pioneers research on people who attempt to kill themselves. Yang Yijun and Xu Junqian report in Shanghai.

  • I was seduced by a Peking duck!!


    One of the basics of Chinese cuisine is that no one flavor should dominate the dish but one should be able to savor all flavors with each mouth full.