On a high note


An 87-year-old US jazz star is ensuring his legacy in China by training a blind 13-year-old piano prodigy.

Mystery beneath


A British tai chi master in China lives the aspiration she shared with her late husband, who was her first teacher.

Portraits from afar


As a National Geographic photographer, Michael Yamashita zooms in on places too far away for most of the outside world to see otherwise.

Healing touch


A Malian doctor combines modern and traditional medicine to ease the suffering of leprosy and AIDS patients in Southwest China

Timeless tunes


Cecilia Lindqvist studied guqin, a Chinese zither, under some of the best masters of the instrument in Beijing in the early 1960s.

Big shoes to fit


A specialty blacksmith from Ireland has become many horses' best friend in China, making sure their feet are healthy enough for the country's growing equestrian clubs.

Days at the Opera


A Russian-Irish artist's photographs of Peking Opera give a contemporary voice to the ancient art form.

Playing with pandas


"Pandas are arguably the most famous and controversial of the endangered species.Working on a conservation project of this magnitude has been a dream of mine since I first started working with wildlife 17 years ago

A British woman in Beijing finds her niche making schools for migrant children better places to learn.

What we do

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