People meeting Peter Haymond for the first time are often impressed by his Chinese name, Mengde, a moniker that hints at his deep understanding of Chinese culture.

One Angolan student is pinning her future on learning Chinese in Guangzhou. She is one of 50,000 Africans working or studying in the city.

After receiving admission letters from several graduate schools in Europe, Theo Aperkor, a young man from Ghana, thought carefully before deciding to accept a scholarship in China.

Liking it all is part of the trip, as one songwriter-turned-author tells Mike Peters.

The week after Merita Cuadari married young diplomat Kujtim Xhani in 1983, she left her home country Albania for the first time.

Obsessive viewing of martial-arts films as a teenager didn't turn Warren Peltier into a fighter-instead he became fascinated with tea, eventually moving to Fujian province to pursue his passion and write a book about the brew. Sun Li chats to the man who loves a cuppa.

The now-elderly descendants of 15 boys sent by the imperial Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) court to study in the United States some 140 years ago reminisce about what it meant. Wang Ru reports from Tangshan.

She comes across as shy and reserved at first - but when Victoria Zanello, 23, was on stage taking part in a Chinese proficiency competition in Montpellier, southern France, her confidence with the language and deep affection for Chinese literature was there for all to see.

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From knitting to painting, Irish artist weaves her heritage and surroundings into her art, as Tracie Barrett discovers.

A private collection charts art historian's lifelong friendships with Chinese artists, Cecily Liu reports.

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