• Coach catalyst


    Russian engineer Sitlivy Dmitry has trained many in East China over two decades.

  • Of head and heart


    Richard Hart from a US nonprofit has invested his time and expertise in a Chinese hospital, Liu Xiangrui reports.

  • Lighting the world


    German physicist Peter Grunberg, co-winner of a Nobel, not only inspires Chinese researchers but also plays ping-pong with them, Liu Xiangrui reports.

  • Men of La Mancha


    He is tilting at windmills that will power the future of Chinese musical theater, but Joseph Graves tells Chen Nan that this is what makes him happiest.

  • On a high note


    An 87-year-old US jazz star is ensuring his legacy in China by training a blind 13-year-old piano prodigy.

  • Mystery beneath


    A British tai chi master in China lives the aspiration she shared with her late husband, who was her first teacher.