An Israeli entrepreneur, who jokingly calls his new home 'the sea of Jews', tells Raymond Zhou about his passion for life.

The 11th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, which ended recently, saw a big turnout of exhibitors who love culture.

Ireland is often dwarfed by its neighbor on the other side of the Irish Sea in terms of providing higher education abroad for the Chinese.

The decision of Irish comedian Des Bishop to become a restaurant greeter in northern China surprised many people.

Peter Winkler is a man who knows about the long wait. He is also someone who knows when to say "Go" and when to say "Stop".

Julien Gelas, French composer and pianist who graduated from the University of Provence Aix-Marseille in France, is bringing his very own genre of music to Beijing audiences next month at his piano recital entitled L'éclaircie.

The Chinese art market has enjoyed more attention than ever as Chinese collector Liu Yiqian forked over $170 million for a Modigliani nude painting this November, but few know that such record high sales account for less than 1/200 of the total sale of Chinese art and antiques when the domestic art market was at its prime.

An Egyptian guide advocates hiking in China, saying tourism can lead to greater understanding.

Klaus Filter, 83, a German designer of rowing shells, helped transform a local workshop into a global company. Liu Xiangrui reports in Fuyang, Zhejiang province.

As an early afternoon rehearsal in a vast studio at the National Center for the Performing Arts gets underway, a tall, gray-haired man shows up, grabbing everyone's attention.

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