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Vice Minister CAO Attends the Forum on Top Notch Hi-tech Parks

On 7 June, MOST and Shenzhen Municipal Government jointly hosted the International Forum on Construction of World Top Hi-tech Parks in Shenzhen. Representatives from hi-tech zones of France and Finland and leaders of over 30 hi-tech zones inside the country as well as domestic and foreign experts and scholars conducted discussions centering round the selection of ways to build up top notch hi-tech parks and cluster innovation.


CAO Jianlin indicated that science parks are important carriers for building up forces. The effectiveness and importance of this development mode has already won extensive recognition worldwide especially in facilitating economic development through technological progress.


During the forum, the delegates shared views and successful experiences on the selection of ways to build up top notch hi-tech parks, cluster innovation, industrial technological alliances, establishment of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong innovation circle, investment in pioneering business and the role of government in the construction of top notch hi-tech parks. They also discussed the orientation of future development.