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Vice Minister LIU Attends 2007 Conference on Global Climate Change in Hong Kong

At the invitation of Mr. Otto Poon Lok-to, Chairman of the Preparation Committee for 2007 Conference on Global Climate Change and famous personage of the Hong Kong engineering science and technology community, LIU Yanhua, Vice Minister of Science and Technology recently attended the conference in HK and delivered a keynote speech.


VM LIU talked about “China’s Land Utilization and Climate Change” from 5 aspects—global climate change and temperature rise, natural and socio-economic causes for the changes in China’s land utilization, changes in the type of China’s land utilization in the past 50 years, impact of the changes in China’s land utilization and future strategies. He emphasized that the Chinese government was transforming its economic growth mode and vigorously developing energy-saving technologies as well as setting the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.