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Meeting Held to Exchange Experiences in National S&T Aid to Tibet

On 25 June, MOST and the local government of Tibet Autonomous Region jointly organized a meeting in Lhasa to exchange experiences in the national undertaking of providing S&T aid to Tibet. 150 delegates from all over the country joined together in the capital city to exchange experiences and make plans to promote the work.

WU Zhongze, Vice Minister of Science and Technology and WU Yingjie, Executive Vice Chairman of Tibetan local government addressed the meeting. Representatives of local S&T departments from Shanghai, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Zhejiang and Tibet delivered speeches and shared their experiences.

The Chinese government has always attached focus to S&T aid to Tibet and taken it as a due responsibility to accelerate development in the region through S&T advancement. After the Second National Conference on S&T Aid to Tibet, the S&T departments at the provincial level have signed 69 Tibet-aid projects with the Tibetan local government with a total capital of RMB43.45million, 90% of which have been placed and implemented. MOST invested RMB130million for the S&T development in Tibet during the 10th Five-Year Period and in the 11th Five-Year Period, MOST has set aside RMB80million in a bit to support Tibet.