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Advisory Committee on Research Integrity Established in Beijing

The Advisory Committee on Research Integrity of MOST was established in Beijing on June 29. Minister WAN Gang issued letters of appointment to members of the Committee.


The Committee consists of 15 accountable and well-established experts from China and overseas. They come from diverse fields, such as science and technology, S&T philosophy, S&T laws and regulations and IPR and have made great achievements. The Committee is chaired by Mr. XU Guanhua, former Minister of Science and Technology and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


The responsibilities of the Committee include: 1) Analyze the concrete situations of S&T development, culture and morality as well as research integrity in China; 2) Study research integrity in other countries and regions; 3) Find out existing problems in research integrity in China and their causes, thus put forward policy suggestions for enhancement; 4) provide consultancy for punishment of major malpractice.